Friday, 30 April 2010


Well, the big debates are over. Last night we watched "Call me Dave", "Gordo", and "Cleggie" battle it out in the last TV showdown. Thinking about it, it reminded me somewhat of the final tour of the "Rat Pack" (Sinatra, Martin, and Davis).
All three would be superstars arived in separate limos with their entourages, then took centre stage together.
Opinions are divided as to who came top of the pops, but my mind wandered during the closing summaries of each "vote for me", and I imagined how they might sing themselves out.
Gordon should exit first, warbling My Way, "And now, the end is near, and as I face the final curtain" etc.
Young Nick goes next with I'm forever blowing bubbles, "they fly so high, nearly reach the sky, then like my dreams they fade and die" etc.
Finally, Smoothie Dave looks straight into the camera and sings to his supporters with much irony:
 "It's the same the whole the whole world over,
  It's the poor what gets the blame,
  It's the rich what get's the pleasure,
  Isn't it a bloomin' shame?"

 He then swaggers off with the aside "Bullingdon Club anybody?"

I willl be giving you all a campaign update later.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pounding the pavements in Parklands

Team Mildren were out in force today (Tuesday), in Parklands, my patch as Independent Councillor on the Borough Council. Excellent timing, as our Royal Mail leaflets had been hitting the doormats this very morning.
We were very well received, and instantly recognised. Much encouragement for being an Independent, and most residents agreed that it is up to the electorate whether or not they want a hung parliament, and not Party Leaders.
In all my years of campaigning, I have never been so well received on the doorstep.
We have been receiving messages of support from residents in Lumbertubs, Headlands,  Kingsley, and Boughton Green. They have all been impressed by our leaflets and are looking forward to seeing the team on the doorstep.
Early start to campaigning in the morning, and the Big Event Chronicle and Echo Hustings at the Cricket Club at 7.00pm tomorrow night.
And so to bed!

"Start the Week"

Monday 26 April was a good day for the election campaign. We received reports that  the Election Communication leaflets  have already started arriving on doormats in Northampton North, and on a visit to Lumbertubs , some were already visible in windows. Telephone callers have advised that they have already sent off postal vote forms, voting for me.
It is evident that the  "Three Parties" have not succeeded in shutting all other candidates out.
I shall be out with the team tomorrow, knocking on doors and spreading the word that the voters are free to vote for whom thay chose, and if that ends up with a hung parliament then it is up to the elected members and parties to address responsibly  the hand that the electorate will have dealt them.
I find David Cameron somewhat arrogant in the way that he appears to instruct the voters that they must not vote in such a way as to result in no overall control. We need to remind him that the voters are entitled to vote exactly as they wish, and if necessary it is up to the politicians to work responsibly in some form of coalition for the benefit of the nation as a whole.
Nick Clegg is in danger of displaying delusions of grandeur, issuing his wish list, when it is unlikely that the Lib dems will end up with much in excess of 100 seats, if that.
Meanwhile poor old Gordon Brown seems to be in denial, pretending that the Lib Dems do not exist, and that it is only the mean spirited Tories that stand in his way.
No wonder everyone is telling me that they are getting fed up with the three parties banging on, promising a lot of jam tomorrow, when we don't really know the full extent of our financial problems.
Will report back in the next twenty four hours about the reception during our door to door canvassing

Monday, 26 April 2010


We have just finished a hectic weekend of electioneering. 39,300 leaflets were delivered to the Royal Mail on Friday, and should be falling through letter boxes over the next few days. The team spent much of Sunday in Kingsley, and were well received on the doorstep, particularly in Park Avenue North.
The Brown, Cameron, Clegg presidential style "beauty contest" being played out nationally should not overshadow what is actually happening on the ground  in Northampton. In Northampton North, the Lib Dems are claiming it is a 2 horse race when there are 9 runners! Abacus required? With the number of candidates and the volatility of the electorate, this seat might be won with as little as 30% of the vote. Our canvassing indicates that voters are supicious of all parties, and are looking to independent candidates who will apply common sense and champion their worthy causes. The race is on, and it is wide open..
Fun and games in Northampton South, where the Borough Council confiscated a banner erected by Tony Clarke, the Independent favourite to usurp the Tories.
Apparently, an unnamed complainant reckoned that it was planted on Council land.
Owing to utter confusion at the Council, who could not prove that it doesn't belong to the householders who gave permission, the Council have now returned it and it is standing proud again.
Liberal Democrats have voiced concerns that some of their "stakeboards" have been spirited away. However, there are said to have been no complaints to the local constabulary!
It's all to play for now, and our campaign is on a roll!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's all kicking off now !

A lot of work is required of  Independent Candidates at General Elections, in order to comply with deadlines for authorisation and printing. No big party machines on hand !
However, the Malcolm Mildren campaign is under way.
The three party leaders' glamour contest last week has resulted in three leaders now trying to"take lumps out of each other" rather than two.
Now, the nation's press appears to be raking through Mr Clegg's dustbin, and it will be interesting to see the results.
The second great debate is tonight, and I suspect that the Clegg bubble will not escape unscathed. The Liberal Democrats are under more scrutiny than ever now, and this bubble may well burst before 6 May.
There is a mood on the doorstep that is tired of the current politics, and many are saying that they will be voting for  independent candidates. There is a big hustings meeting at Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, next Wednesday, 28 April at 7.00pm, for Northampton North. It is being organised by the Chronicle and Echo, and I believe that all candidates have been invited.  I shall be there, and the public can turn up on a first come first served basis.
Should be fun!