Monday, 26 April 2010


We have just finished a hectic weekend of electioneering. 39,300 leaflets were delivered to the Royal Mail on Friday, and should be falling through letter boxes over the next few days. The team spent much of Sunday in Kingsley, and were well received on the doorstep, particularly in Park Avenue North.
The Brown, Cameron, Clegg presidential style "beauty contest" being played out nationally should not overshadow what is actually happening on the ground  in Northampton. In Northampton North, the Lib Dems are claiming it is a 2 horse race when there are 9 runners! Abacus required? With the number of candidates and the volatility of the electorate, this seat might be won with as little as 30% of the vote. Our canvassing indicates that voters are supicious of all parties, and are looking to independent candidates who will apply common sense and champion their worthy causes. The race is on, and it is wide open..
Fun and games in Northampton South, where the Borough Council confiscated a banner erected by Tony Clarke, the Independent favourite to usurp the Tories.
Apparently, an unnamed complainant reckoned that it was planted on Council land.
Owing to utter confusion at the Council, who could not prove that it doesn't belong to the householders who gave permission, the Council have now returned it and it is standing proud again.
Liberal Democrats have voiced concerns that some of their "stakeboards" have been spirited away. However, there are said to have been no complaints to the local constabulary!
It's all to play for now, and our campaign is on a roll!

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  1. You never Knocked on my dooor on PAN not even had a mail drop so no idea what you stand for seems a bit of a waste