Tuesday, 27 April 2010

"Start the Week"

Monday 26 April was a good day for the election campaign. We received reports that  the Election Communication leaflets  have already started arriving on doormats in Northampton North, and on a visit to Lumbertubs , some were already visible in windows. Telephone callers have advised that they have already sent off postal vote forms, voting for me.
It is evident that the  "Three Parties" have not succeeded in shutting all other candidates out.
I shall be out with the team tomorrow, knocking on doors and spreading the word that the voters are free to vote for whom thay chose, and if that ends up with a hung parliament then it is up to the elected members and parties to address responsibly  the hand that the electorate will have dealt them.
I find David Cameron somewhat arrogant in the way that he appears to instruct the voters that they must not vote in such a way as to result in no overall control. We need to remind him that the voters are entitled to vote exactly as they wish, and if necessary it is up to the politicians to work responsibly in some form of coalition for the benefit of the nation as a whole.
Nick Clegg is in danger of displaying delusions of grandeur, issuing his wish list, when it is unlikely that the Lib dems will end up with much in excess of 100 seats, if that.
Meanwhile poor old Gordon Brown seems to be in denial, pretending that the Lib Dems do not exist, and that it is only the mean spirited Tories that stand in his way.
No wonder everyone is telling me that they are getting fed up with the three parties banging on, promising a lot of jam tomorrow, when we don't really know the full extent of our financial problems.
Will report back in the next twenty four hours about the reception during our door to door canvassing

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