Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's all kicking off now !

A lot of work is required of  Independent Candidates at General Elections, in order to comply with deadlines for authorisation and printing. No big party machines on hand !
However, the Malcolm Mildren campaign is under way.
The three party leaders' glamour contest last week has resulted in three leaders now trying to"take lumps out of each other" rather than two.
Now, the nation's press appears to be raking through Mr Clegg's dustbin, and it will be interesting to see the results.
The second great debate is tonight, and I suspect that the Clegg bubble will not escape unscathed. The Liberal Democrats are under more scrutiny than ever now, and this bubble may well burst before 6 May.
There is a mood on the doorstep that is tired of the current politics, and many are saying that they will be voting for  independent candidates. There is a big hustings meeting at Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, next Wednesday, 28 April at 7.00pm, for Northampton North. It is being organised by the Chronicle and Echo, and I believe that all candidates have been invited.  I shall be there, and the public can turn up on a first come first served basis.
Should be fun!

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