Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Pounding the pavements in Parklands

Team Mildren were out in force today (Tuesday), in Parklands, my patch as Independent Councillor on the Borough Council. Excellent timing, as our Royal Mail leaflets had been hitting the doormats this very morning.
We were very well received, and instantly recognised. Much encouragement for being an Independent, and most residents agreed that it is up to the electorate whether or not they want a hung parliament, and not Party Leaders.
In all my years of campaigning, I have never been so well received on the doorstep.
We have been receiving messages of support from residents in Lumbertubs, Headlands,  Kingsley, and Boughton Green. They have all been impressed by our leaflets and are looking forward to seeing the team on the doorstep.
Early start to campaigning in the morning, and the Big Event Chronicle and Echo Hustings at the Cricket Club at 7.00pm tomorrow night.
And so to bed!

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